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Rolling Stone Pops “The Big Fracking Bubble”

Rolling Stone magazine issued an article exposing the financial anomalies of shale gas and of Chesapeake Energy in particular. The article is an in-depth review of Chesapeake and its questionable business practices from the issuance of junk bonds and use of off-balance sheet volumetric production payments to its implication in contaminated water wells in Pennsylvania. […]

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Cornell Researchers Conclusions on Shale Gas Independently Verified

Dr. Robert Howarth and his team of researchers at Cornell issued a paper in 2010 which questioned the claims of the natural gas industry that natural gas was cleaner than coal. Dr. Howarth posited that, taken the full life cycle of natural gas including drilling, fracking and producing, that natural gas actually contributed more emissions […]

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Is Drilling in New York Dead? Justices uphold Bans

Supreme Court Judge, Donald Cerio, Jr., has upheld a second ban in the State of New York in the Town of Middlefield. A similar ban was upheld in the Town of Dryden recently after Anschutz Energy sued the town to have its ban removed. According to the Bloombg article: “This is really the kiss of […]

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