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EPA connects fracking to water contamination

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a report connecting drilling for natural gas, including the use of hydraulic fracturing,and the contamination of an aquifer and private water wells in Pavilion Wyoming. According to the press release: “EPA’s analysis of samples taken from the Agency’s deep monitoring wells in the aquifer indicates detection of synthetic chemicals, […]

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Deborah Rogers Shale Gas Economic Presentation

At a recent public meeting at Clarkson University in upstate New York, Deborah Rogers spoke about the financial anomalies seen amongst many of the publicly traded shale gas companies. Ms. Rogers was featured prominently in June 2011 in the New York Times exposing the economic discrepancies behind shale gas. See the full presentation here:

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Chesapeake Energy First To Agree to Export US Shale Gas

In spite of years of rhetoric proclaiming that US shale gas was “by Americans, for Americans” , Chesapeake Energy agreed to be the first supplier of natural gas from shale to Cheniere for their recently approved export terminal at Sabine Pass. See other posts on LNG exports of shale gas.

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