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Strictly Business: Why $50 Billion Divestment of Oil Stocks Makes Sense

Various philanthropies and high wealth individuals controlling ~ $50 billion in assets announced that they intend to divest their portfolios of all fossil fuel stocks over the next five years. The most interesting comment to come out of this announcement came from Stephen Heintz, an heir of John D. Rockefeller who, of course, made his […]

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Power To the People? Not If Utilities Have a Say

By Deborah Lawrence (formerly Deborah Rogers) Solar capacity is growing. Rapidly. EIA, the Energy Information Administration, recently released figures on the growth of solar vs. natural gas power plant capacity additions for the first half of 2014. While natural gas appeared the winner at first glance, outperforming solar installations, it turns out that it was […]

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The Shale Sugar Lick

By Deborah Lawrence (formerly Deborah Rogers) A well known American comedian, Ron White, quips about the amount of sugar Americans eat by suggesting that certain restaurants install a sugar lick. Patrons can “belly up” and take their fill at the trough. Such an analogy might be apropos of some shale operators with regard to their […]

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