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Optimism, Wealth Creation and Climate Change

By Deborah Lawrence (formerly Deborah Rogers) Talk of climate change is often frightening. Much is said about melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, drought and the escalation of severe weather events. Political leadership has been disappointing at best and the doom and gloom nature of most discourse surrounding climate change has left many people […]

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Shales vs. Solar: An Investment Perspective

By Deborah Lawrence (formerly Deborah Rogers) There are many strident voices in the debate over energy. On the one hand, proponents of shale gas claim the extraction of natural gas from low porosity shale formations to be the energy panacea for which we have all been waiting. They have buzz words and sound bites such […]

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Has Occidental Petroleum Deliberately Duped Investors?

By Deborah Lawrence (formerly Deborah Rogers) You gotta love shales! I frequently refer to the sector as “the greatest show on Earth” due to the three ring circus exploits of shale operators. It is highly entertaining. And few things have been more entertaining recently than EIA’s admittance that there is simply very little oil in […]

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