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Exxon’s Shale Reserves Drop Dramatically

By Deborah Lawrence Rogers In February, 2012, Exxon Mobil announced that approximately 40% of its reserve replacements came from two shale plays, the Woodford and the Bakken. Exxon stated: “Reserve additions in 2012 from the liquids-rich Woodford and Bakken plays in the United States totaled almost 750 million oil equivalent barrels.” This is of note […]

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The Cost of Carbon and Climate Change

Cambridge University in the United Kingdom has come out with estimates of the costs of shale extraction on climate. According to the Guardian: “Shale frackers operating in Britain should be paying £6bn a year in taxes by the middle of the 2020s to compensate for the damage wreaked on the environment.” While the Europeans place […]

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The Myth of Energy Independence

By Deborah Lawrence Rogers Much rhetoric about energy independence has been bandied about from policy makers in Washington and executives in the oil and gas industry. We are assured that energy independence is possible now thanks to the large shale deposits being exploited throughout the country. The sound bites are frequent and effective. But when […]

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