About Energy Policy Forum

America has come to a crossroads with regard to energy. Should we rely heavily on natural gas? Or should we use natural gas as a bridge fuel to alternative forms of power such as wind, nuclear and solar. These questions have serious long-term implications for every consumer of energy in the U.S.

Energy Policy Forum was launched by Deborah Rogers to address these timely questions. An open dialogue about the development of domestic energy resources including solutions and potential problems and pitfalls is both timely and much needed. This is not a site dedicated to the interests of one industry but is dedicated instead to examining the facts, extracting the fiction and promoting meaningful dialogue on emerging policy issues.

Energy must be affordable and reliable. It must create new jobs and expand the economy and it must do so in an environmentally responsible way. It must also keep America strong. To fill such a tall order requires frank and open discussions that lead to prudent energy solutions. This forum will seek to facilitate just that.