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The Shale Sugar Lick

By Deborah Lawrence (formerly Deborah Rogers) A well known American comedian, Ron White, quips about the amount of sugar Americans eat by suggesting that certain restaurants install a sugar lick. Patrons can “belly up” and take their fill at the trough. Such an analogy might be apropos of some shale operators with regard to their […]

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EIA Corroborates the Work of Energy Policy Forum

Over a year ago, on 19 June, 2013, Energy Policy Forum (EPF) wrote a post exposing the explosion of capital expenditure by shale operators to drill and complete wells and the concomitant lack of free cash flow. Unless operations can produce sufficient cash, the exercise is obviously unsustainable. At some point a company simply hits […]

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Optimism, Wealth Creation and Climate Change

By Deborah Lawrence (formerly Deborah Rogers) Talk of climate change is often frightening. Much is said about melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, drought and the escalation of severe weather events. Political leadership has been disappointing at best and the doom and gloom nature of most discourse surrounding climate change has left many people […]

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